Do you know your diagnose?

At our Q Spa & Wellness center we can provide you with your first consult to establish you diagnose by Dr. Mehmet Özek and his physiotherapists.


At Q Spa & Wellness center we provide your first diagnose consult by Dr. Mehmet Özek and his professional team.

Most of our patients don’t know their diagnoses before they visit our center. You can also have been given a (wrong) diagnose or treatment elsewhere, which may cause the wrong results for your body. To prevent this, first we start fresh and with a blank slate to correctly diagnose you so that we can make a personal treatment plan for your needs..

  • All types of muscle and joint pain.
  • Golf and Tennis elbow.
  • Unwanted Hernia surgery (Back Neck ) .
  • All types of shoulder and hip disorders.
  • Sport activity related injuries.
  • General muscle pain (FİBROMIALGIA ).
  • Providing muscle- and joint pain related information and ergonomics
  • Incidental injuries or conditions due to sporting activities
  • Heel injuries and disorders