Stress level of people is increasing day by day and this is harming our physical and spiritual health. Massage is not a definite solution for stress but experts claim that effects of an accurate massage therapy which can increase your blood flow and regulate your cardiac rhythm is helpful to handle stress. Then what kind of effects does massage have on physical health?

benefits of massage

We feel aches on the different spots of our body because of our sleeping ways and daily routines. People are looking for medical solutions for these aches. Massage doesn’t offer you a permanent solution but accurate massage techniques applied by professional therapists can be a good option for the control of the aches.

One of the most important effects of massage is on heart health. As is known, massage gets the blood pressure under control. The ones who gets massage regularly have more neat blood pressure according to the ones who doesn’t. Also it is suggested to get a massage after heart operations by lots of specialists.

All these heart problems and the stress make our body aging faster. Beside increasing your life quality, massage is good for chronic aches on shoulders and knees. Also it is very helpful for your posture disorders. The people who get massage therapies regularly have less posture disorders.

Which is the Right Massage Technique?

When you decide to get a massage how you are going to pick the right massage technique?

  • Hot stone massage: People define this technique as relaxing and refreshing. It is mostly prefered for sleeping disorders, back aches and depression. The heat of stones make your muscles loose and because of that, massage therapist can work better with less efort.
  • Aromatherapy massage: Generally, this massage is applied for the people who have shoulder, neck and back aches. This massage therapy uses special oils.

sport massage

  • Sports massage: In this technique, therapist specifically pays close attention to the points you have problem with (especially about the sport you do).
  • Bali massage: A therapy that stimulates blood, oxygen, energy flows and gives you sigh of relief with little stretchings, pressings with fingers and aromatherapy.

In addition to these, you can get information from us about other therapy techniques such as Thai, anti cellulite, local, child, face and lymph massage.

After picking the right technique for your own, what you should pay attention to?

Massage may sound safe but expertise of your therapist has a vital role. A wrong implementation could harm your health. And it could make your problem worse than before.

How bad can it goes?

  • Can cause new aches
  • Can increase the pain
  • Can harm your nervous system
  • Can cause rhabdomyolysis (existence of excess protein caused by muscle cantusion)

head massage

These are rare problems. Healthy people face with these problems occasionally. Massage could be dangerous without an expert. The phrase ‘no pain no gain’ can be dangerous, especially for the people with chronic aches.

Our professional therapists are at your service to improve your life quality and relaxing your mind.