Turkish Bath

Since the Ottoman, Turkish baths which turn into a culture are a ritual for cleaning. Beside cleanliness they ensure physical and mental relaxing.

Turkish baths were places for socialising and bussiness meetings at the time of Ottoman Empire. Today they are commonly being used for the positive effects to the human health.

water and health

Baths are hydro-theraphy places with hot vapor which people can utilize physically and mentally. The effect of hot vapor can prohibit stress and some psychological problems.

For the stressful life of cities and an exhausting day, baths are splendid antidotes. But there are more than meets the eye.

turkish baths makes you beautiful

For Soft and Brightness of Skin

Right in time you enter the bath, heat widens your veins and this improves the blood circulation in your body. The improvement of the circulation causes an effect of tonic. The hot vapor opens the stomas and this makes the skin softer and brighter. Beside the regenerating cells, baths are perfect treatment for skin problems. Regular bath sessions lead to recovery for skin problems like achmes and dermatitises.

turkish bath good for illness

They can also help people with local aches. A better blood circulation provides more oxygen for damaged areas. While this is reducing the aches it also heals the damaged areas. Heat reduces the symptoms of common cold and it is also good for your respiratory tract and it makes your breathing better.

When the body gets heated, sweating starts. Toxins like alcohol, nicotine, cholestrol, heavy metals and salt leave your body. Baths are perfect sweating simulations. This is why we still use Turkish baths as a treatment method.

turkish bath and relaxing

While utilizing all these possitive effects, don’t forget to indulge yourself with our services ilke bath glove and foam massage in our elegant and hygienic baths.