Steam Room

Steam rooms are created by generators filled with water which pumping steam to an enclosed room. The temperature of these rooms is usually between 43 - 45 C and the humidity rate is 100 percent.

Staying in steam rooms is very helpful for cardiovascular health, especially for older people.

In steam rooms veins expand because of the temperature like in Turkish baths. With expanding veins, more blood flows and carries more oxygen to the body.

steam room and skin

Another benefit of steam room therapies to cardiovascular health is lowering blood pressure and keeping heart more healthy. In this way, deformed skin can get better easily.

Like other hot therapies, steam rooms make you sweat either. The stomas on skin are opened and outer part of skin gets cleaner. Because of high temperature skin takes out the dirt in it and body gets rid of dead skin. So it is very important for acne treatments. Also hot steam helps you to throw out toxins.

Steam rooms make your muscles relaxed, so the people who do sports use it very often. When you go to steam room right after the training, it eases your muscle pains and helps to get strength back.

steam room for athletes

Steam Room Before Sports

There is also benefits of going steam room before doing sports. Hot steam helps you to warm up. Steam rooms also ease joint pains.

Hot applications decrease the power we need to move joints 25 percent according to cold applications.

beauty and steam room

Temperature of steam rooms causes your body to excrete endorphine. Endorphine is also known as "feeling good" hormone. Because this hormone helps your body to reduce stress level. Also steam rooms ensure the decrease of cortisol hormone which causes stress. With the decrease of cortisol people feel more restrained, more relieved and more refreshed.

Temperature of steam rooms helps you to breathe easier and deeper. They open the congestion in sinus and livers and help to cure cold.

Steam rooms increase heart rate. If you use steam rooms after training, the heart rate which is already fast keeps its rate for a long time. When you use steam rooms with regular training, this makes you healthier. With a healthy diet and regular training steam rooms help you to lose weight.

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You can refresh your body in our steam rooms which are designed for you after training or an exhausting day.