Sweating has been used as a treatment method for a long time. According to researches, Mayas were using sweating rooms 3000 years ago. Saunas which are still popular across the world are important for your cardiovascular health.

sauna is good for health

Saunas are usually between 70ᵒ and 100ᵒC. Traditional Finnish saunas’ rate of humidity is 10-20 percent but saunas in Turkey have a higher rate of humidity.

Saunas can make body temperature up to 40ᵒC. With the increment of body temperature a lot of sweat is thrown out. And the heart rate increases because of the effort of body to get cooler. A very short time in sauna is enough to sweat a lot.

sauna is good for your heart

Saunas always affect our body in the same way. The temperature or humidity rate doesn’t matter. It makes your heart rate higher and enlarges your veins so your blood flow increases. In sauna, your heart rate could reach 100-150. And this situation brings along some possitive effects.

Possitive Effects of Sauna

  • Increment in blood flow can develop joint mobility and ease muscle aches.
  • It also relaxes you mentally and decreases the stress level.

sauna makes you relaxed

  • The people who go to sauna have cardiovascular disorders rarely. Also these people have lower blood pressure and have more developed heart functions.
  • Saunas with lower rate of humidity make your body dry. It is good for people with psora.
  • Asthma patients can observe the decrease in symptoms. Saunas are good for respiratory tract and make your throat clean.

sauna is good for aches

  • The heat of sauna calms down your nerve endings and relaxes your muscles. It is very helpful for people with headaches and migraine.
  • With the effect of temperature in sauna body excretes endorphine which decreases the stress, relaxes your body and makes you sleep better.

sauna helps weight loss

  • In a sauna session you sweat easily 500 grams which corresponds to 300 calories. Going to sauna regularly helps you to lose weight.