Who Can Benefit Steam Room?

Is the Steam Room Useful for Everyone?

It is a well known truth that moisture and wet air in steam rooms are good for joints and heart. But which people are able to take advantage of positive effects of steam rooms? Is there any limits for usage of steam rooms?

What is Steam Room?

Steam rooms are almost useful for everybody with effects on beauty and health. Hot air and moisture are good for your skin, your joints and your muscles in different ways. Firstly your pores get opened and your derm gets cleaned. It loosens your muscles and fastens blood steam. Your blood carries more oxygen and nutrition to your cells. Steam rooms are almost safe and useful for people in every age and condition.

Brave and Beautiful

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It is actually up to you that how often you should go to steam rooms. However, history can give us clues about it. Different societies in the past used steam rooms for many reasons. They were mostly used for health and beauty but they were also used for socializing.The therapies we can name as steam baths come from the ancient times. People were using the hot steam which comes from volcano for treating and cleaning. Then, in the Ancient Rome there were baths with thermal waters for the people. They were using the baths for all day and organizing activities like wrestling and dance.

During the colonialism times, Benjamin Franklin used to do steam bath every day. After 1 hour session of steam bath in the morning he used to dress up and go out to fresh air and believe that with the entering fresh air to his body he will be purged from illnesses. In this era, usage of steam rooms became a treatment for simple medical problems.

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After all these times, this situation did not changed at all. Today, steam rooms are very popular in fitness centers, spa centers and health clinics. From personal trainers to cardiologists, everybody recommends the usage of steam rooms.

Who Can Utilise Steam Rooms?

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Many healthy adults can use steam rooms once a week for cleaning and relaxing. This routine can be once a day according to purpose of usage. Sometimes athletes and sportsmen use steam rooms before and after training. People who get acne treatment, suffer from muscle and joint pains, calcification and anxiety can use steam rooms twice a day unless a doctor says the opposite. Also people over 65 and under 13 can do steam bath once a week. However you should go see a pediatrist before making a non adult have steam bath.

Restricting Steam Rooms

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According to researchs, steam rooms are highly safe and useful for people with a damaged heart. So even people with serious health problems can enjoy steam rooms. But steam rooms still are not suitable for everyone. Your doctor may oppose this or reduce the frequency and duration of steam bath. Moreover, people who use medical equipment may have to leave their equipment while having a steam bath which can lead to serious problems. You should also avoid using steam rooms if you have an infection or an open wood. Especially in winter, using steam rooms often can lead to drying for sensitive skins. In a situation likıe that, use steam rooms once a week.

A healthy adult can use steam rooms once a week while another can use it three times a week. A lot of factors such as skin type, age, health status and life routine can affect the frequency of usage of steam rooms.

For an appropriate therapy you should not use steam rooms for more than 20 minutes and you should give a 20 minutes of cooling break before entering steam room again. If you feel uncomfortable or disturbed, you should leave steam room immediately and rest.