Ways to Stay Fit While Working

Turn Tiring and Stressful Days into Positives

Nowadays, in many business branches, working hours are over 2000 hours per year. There are a few simple and effective ways to reduce the weary and stressful days in your workplaces where you spend most of your life.

Go Out

relaxing girl

Make yourself a favor, go out and get some fresh air. Even if this time is 5 minutes, getting out and getting fresh air can create wonders. By this way, you can relax and you can interact with nature and outside a little bit. At that time you spend outside, focus on beauties around you. To the sun which heats you, clouds which are moving, trees and the breeze… 5 minutes you spend outside will ease the stress caused by your work.


breathing girl

Try to focus on your breathe when you feel stress or pressure. There are simple exercises you can do in everywhere. For example, close your eyes and focus on your breathe. Take a deep breathe from your nose then release the air you took slowly from your mouth. Repeat this 3-4 times. Close one of your nostrils and breathe deeply from your other nostril. Then try this with your other nostril. And if you wish, take breathe from one of your nostrils and release it from the other. After doing this exercise you are going to feel that you relax. Just because you have given yourself a time to breathe.

Massage Yourself

You have no time to go to a spa center? Close your eyes and take your fingers to your temples. Apply a slight pressure with circular movements. You can get rid of your tension, lighten your headaches and avoid stress by massaging your temples. You can do this simple massage at any length. Increase or decrease the pressure you apply with your fingers. You can continue to apply these circular movements on other parts of your head or around your neck. With both hands, you can squeeze your shoulders calmly. When you open your eyes you are going to feel refreshed.

Drink Tea

tea and wellness

A morning tea routine can awaken your mind and warm your soul. Do you feel weak because of air changes? Try the chamomile tea which has incredible effects on cough and cold symptoms. Prepare honey and lemon ginger tea for yourself to combat germs. Drink mint tea for stomach discomfort and indigestion. Prepare a tea suits you and drink it mildly.

Think Positive

smile and relax

The things you think shape your life, so you should pay attention to what you think. A positive attitude can make great difference in your workplace. Exercise, smile and positive thinking, all of these cause the secretion of endorphins. Smile and remember, smiling is contagious. If you smell your coworkers smile with you. Even if you don’t want to smile get a happy facial expression. After a while you are really going to feel happy.


exercise and working

Nowadays, smoking and sitting have came to the same position. Lack of movement and exercise cause many problems as well as stress and anxiety attacks. Use stairs instead of elevators if it is possible. Take small walks during lunch breaks. It may even help to get out of the chair every hour. Having an active life can help you to handle stress. You can be more productive and healthy with doing exercises.

Spare Time for Yourself as Much as Possible


You are constantly investing in your home, family and career. Isn’t it the time for investing in yourself? Do some stretching in the mornings, eat healthy, meditate, travel, go to spa centers and pamper yourself a little. All of these are little things to help you keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy.

It may not be possible to prevent the stress of our work completely, but we can always take a deep breath and keep our stress level under control.