Aromatherapy Massage For Pain Control

The Use Of Various Plant Extracts For Treatment

Aromatherapy is usage of several herbal extracts for treatment. These herbal extracts can be used to support immunity system, reduce stress, relax, regulate sleep, relax muscles and ensure emotional balance. We can take these extracts with breathing or applying to skin directly.

Aromatherapy massage is a safe and natural therapy that helps you to handle effectively with pain. Any health issue you have, it may be headache or a chronic pain, can increase your stress level. People who receive massage therapy seek solutions to various forms of pain. Specific massage techniques and oils with effect of easing pain can relieve the pain of patients and be helpful for the treatment process. According to a study in 2016, aromatherapy massage is very successful in controlling the symptoms of pain and some health problems.

Health Issues

In order to choose the right oil for aromatherapy massage therapy, it is important to understand what kind of health problem a person have.

Muscle Pains

massage for sportsmen

Muscle pains are very common issue among sportsmen and people working hard. These people's pains may be caused by injuries, overuse of a muscle group or a force that could damage muscles. Even if it is rare, reason of muscle pains may be the increase in stress level. Muscle pains can be shown as cramp or spasms. With the help of certain oils, massage therapies can increase circulation, help cell renewal and stop spasms and cramps.

Nerve Pain

Usually nerve pains are more powerful than muscle pains. Nerve pains may be caused by infection, congestion or improper pressure. Aromatherapy massage can help relieve the senses of people suffering from nerve pains. Special oils applied to body parts where there is nerve pains can relieve inflammation and disorder in the area. It also eases the pain and the continuous pressure. If the treated person feels less pain, he / she feels comfortable and feels much less pain as he feel comfortable.

Chronic Pains

massage for back pain

Chronic pain is the pain a person feels continuously for a certain period of time. Conditions such as back pain, arthritis, cancer and fibromyalgia are examples of chronic pain. People who have chronic pains have sleeping disorders, feel of continuous fatigue and discomfort. In chronic cases aromatherapy massage is not a definitive solution but it can help people to handle pain.

Most Effective Massage Oils To Cope With Pain

To effectively alleviate the pain, the problem must be determined correctly.

Muscle Pain

lavender oil in massage

There are a lot of effective oils to use against muscle pains. For these kind of pains, lemon verbena, lavender, eucalyptus and mint oils can be preferred. Lemon grass, lavender or peppermint oil will be a good choice if the person to be treated also suffers a headache from the neck muscles. These oils have pain relieving and antispasmodic effects.


If a person has migraine to be treated, the massage therapist may perform a foot massage instead of directly touching the head. With the pressures applied to certain points, it is aimed to regulate the energy flow of the body.


injuries and massage

Mint and rosemary oil can create miracles for sport injuries and muscle spasms. Both oils increase the circulation, help the muscles to collect the old strength and relieve the feeling of pain.

Chronic Pain

Many aromatherapy massages can be effective for chronic pains but a cancer patitent may be sensitive against smells. For the situations like that, a mild scented oil with relaxing and pain easing effect can be preferred. Lavender oil can be a suitable choice for many people.