Massage For Sportsmen

Is Massage Necessary for Sportsmen?

All massage techniques are applied for different purposes at different intervals. What is the best massage technique for sportsmen?

Earlier, massage was seen as a luxury by society but today almost everyone, especially professional trainers and sportsmen, looking for spa centers.It is not the only comforting effect of massage which makes it preferred. According to researchs, massage has various positive effects on the body's functionality.For example sportsmen can prevent injuries and feel better in a short time. Of course you don't need to be a professional athlete to need such a massage, any person with a regular exercise program can take this service. Better performance, prevention of minor injuries, muscle pain relief, and faster recovery of muscles are only a few of the benefits of deep tissue massage.

Anatomical Benefits Of Massage

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When a massage is applied to a body, basically two things occur. First, the pressure exerted by the massage therapist and the movement of his hands causes the body to react mechanically. And the second is the stimulation of nerve endings and reflex reactions. With these reactions a few things happen which can be good for cardiovascular health:

  • Blood vessels expand and this increases blood circulation.
  • Increased circulation provides more oxygen to the body. More nutrients reach to tissues and it becomes easier for the body to remove toxins
  • Heart rhythm slows down. This reduces pressure in body.

Beside the cardiovascular benefits, sportsmen who gets massage therapy may also experience a few benefits in muscular system:

  • It reduces muscle pain and reduced pressure shortens the body's recovery time.
  • The flexibility of the muscles and therefore their mobility increases.

Massage Types For Sportsmen

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The most important benefits of massage for sportsmen who recieve massage therapy are the reduction of pain, muscular relaxation and shortening of natural healing time but not only one massage can give you all of these. There are some specific massage therapies for the people who do sports.

  1. Sports Massage: This technique may vary according to the athlete's area.The most important point of this massage is when the massage is applied. You can get massage before or after doing exercises.
  2. Deep Tissue Massage: If there is a problem in a certain point of the body, usually this massage technique should be preferred. For example, if your knees are aching during a certain movement, this problem can be solved by a hard pressure applied to the muscles and tissues at certain points. The pressure may hurt you but sometimes it is important to ease the pain in muscles to apply hard pressure. For this reason sportsmen should get deep tissue or sports massage instead of soft tissue or aromatherapy massage for a better result.

How Often To Get a Massage Therapy?

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Massage therapies are like exercises, it becomes more useful when you do it more regular. If you want to get consistently positive results, you should get massage therapy at short and regular intervals.

If you're going to get massage therapy before or after a sports event, there are two important points to keep in mind:

  • Massage therapies can be applied not only to solve problems, but also to take precautions.
  • The results of therapies are short-lived. So you need to create a regular massage schedule.

The most suitable range for professional athletes and people with high levels of exercise is one week. If this is not possible, you should get massage therapy once in 2 weeks. A 30 day period may be recommended for people whose training is not too heavy, but these ranges may vary by person. Before setting a schedule you should consult to a spa center.