The History and Benefits of Bali Massage

Balinese Massage Restores Harmony Between Body and Mind

The Balinese massage is the perfect treatment to regain harmony between body and mind.

Traditional Indonesian massage was developed in Bali, a place where is visited by travellers around the world frequently. Bali became famous with being named as ‘Paradise Island’ by some visitors who liked here so much. In this region, the ancient knowledge which origins are based on the Animist, Buddhist and Hindu traditions, was always kept alive.

Clash of Cultures


Bali's architecture and culture was influenced mostly by Asian countries. Bali’s biggest and most idolized temple Pura Besakih is admitted as ‘Mother Temple’ for Hinduism traditions. This is the best example of the interaction in Bali. Balinese massage is affected by India, China and Thai traditions. So it will be appropriate to define Balinese massage as an unusual treatment method developed by combining different techniques in harmony.

Techniques of Bali Massage

relaxing massage

Bali massage includes all body from top to bottom. So it is optimal for people who want to take care of the whole body. During treatment, the person to be treated lie down to a professional massage chair and massage is applied using the oils suitable for the person's preferences and body type. They keep the parts that will not be massaged or already massaged under a cover to keep body temperature.

In this technique, therapist touches in a gently and comforting way to the certain points of the body. Therapist starts the therapy from legs and continue through back and arms and lastly applies massage to head. The therapist uses a combination of gentle stretching, panning, kneading, strokes and pressure points. In this way the flow of blood and energy is stimulated in therapy.

Creating A Relaxing Atmosphere

Beside the techniques of treatment, the environment of treatment is also very important. Professionals care that the environment where massage will be applied should be calming and comforting. The Balinese massage should relax the mind as well as relax the body.

Which Oils Should Be Used?

essential oil

Therapists use plant extracts such as jojoba, sesame, rose and coconut oil to make the treatment more effective. Some of the oils for Balinese massage could be pretty rare. For example frangipani is only found in Bali or Indonesia. They use this oil in Bali massage because Balinese people think this oil gives happiness.

Benefits of Bali Massage

Calms and Relaxes Body

One of the most important benefits of the Balinese massage is that it relieves and relaxes the body of the treating person. Your body softens the hard feeling parts and the tired mind becomes calm again.

Getting massage is very important for the blood circulation. If you get a proper massage you feel refreshed after treatment.

Calms Mind


After getting treatment from professional therapists the exhausting feel in your mind fades away. With special plant extracts and calming music, therapy in a proper environment calms you. If you are going through a stressful period, you might want to try Balinese massage.

Accelerate Circulation

Bali massage accelerates blood circulation. Massage applied to specific points expands veins. In this way, the body becomes refreshed.

If blood flow is at normal levels, the body and mind become much healthier. In addition, the pain that is felt in the body is reduced and the spots with a problem heal faster.

Body Becomes Healthier


A healthy body is much more stronger. So it is advised to get massage when you feel tired. Of course, this application is more appropriate to be done by a specialist.

After a Balinese massage treatment, the person feels stronger. Especially for people who have a lifestyle that is intense with physical activity, Bali massage is very useful.

Regulate Sleep

In fact, many massage techniques, especially for people who have sleep problems, regulates sleep. This is largely due to the acceleration of blood circulation. With the calmness of the body and mind, a deeper and more comfortable sleep is possible.