First Meet With Your Personal Trainer

How Does a Personal Trainer Benefit You?

You are ready to get into form but you don’t know where to start. If you are thinking of working with a personal trainer, you may want to prepare yourself for it.

How To Prepare For The First Meet With Your Personal Trainer?

Getting into the fitness world new or not, it could be frightening to meet with a personal trainer.

To prepare you the best program, personal trainer must have 3 major informations:

1. Must Know Your Limits

Your trainer cannot prepare an appropriate program without knowing your limits. By adhering to your limits, he/she can add exercises to your program to improve strength, flexibility, mobility or even workouts that are specific to a past injury.

2. Must Know Your Goals


There is one thing you should clarify before meeting with your personal trainer: ‘What is your goal?’ and ‘Why this goal is important for you?’

Finding the reason of your goal is as important as your goal because it is the source of your motivation. Your trainer understands you better as much as you talk about your goals. This is very important for the process of preparing program.

3. Must Know Your Fitness Background

Your trainer should know the fitness program you've followed before and what works and what doesn't work. For the program your trainer creates for you, exercices you enjoy is pretty important. A professional trainer can force you, build you up and make you enjoy your exercises as much as you want.

What You Should Ask Your Trainer

Now you know what to do at the first meeting with your trainer. It is time to mention to the questions you are going to ask to your trainer. Your exercise program becomes as successful as you feel comfortable.

1. What Should I Do While We Are Not Training Together?

When you don't meet your personal trainer, you will need a way to help your exercises. When you meet with your trainer, you should ask him/her what to look for when training alone. Your trainer can prepare a special program (such as burning fat, gaining muscle strength, flexibility) for such times.

2. What Way Should I Follow Beside Gym?

healthy food

It is more important what you do beside training than how much kms you can run or how much weight you can lift. You should ask your trainer about it and learn what way you should follow. Most professionals ask you about what you eat and how much you eat in your daily life. By this way, your personal trainer can guide you.

3. How Is My Form?

Another important question you should ask to your trainer is ‘How is my form?’. Your trainer can tell you which exercises you can do and how much progress you can make. By this way you can get faster results, avoid injuries and become more capable physically.

4. Which Part Should I Feel In My Body During This Movement?


You should know which point your body should feel for every move in your exercise program. You can feel uncomfortable or even get injured if your move does not run the right point. So you have to make sure that you're doing the moves right.

5. HowMuch This Should Force Me?

Your trainer doesn't know your capacity unless you tell him/her. For example there is eight repeats for a move in your program, but if you think you can do it more, you need to share it with your personal trainer.

6. When Can I Get Result?


When it is about health and exercise, slow and continuous ones always win. Nowadays most of the people want to get immediate results and when they can’t, they give up. Especially losing weight and gaining muscle processes work very slow. If you ask your trainer when you are going to get results, you can continue your program without being disappointed.

7. Why?

The time you spend with your personal trainer is entirely yours. If your trainer explains something to you and you don't understand it, don't hesitate to ask your trainer the "why" question. Biggest advantage of personal trainer is that it is informative. Apart from that, if you know how your exercise affects your body, your motivation to adhere to your program also increases.