How Often You Should Go To Massage

Getting a Regular Massage Will Definitely Keep You Fit

Massage is seen as a holiday activity by most of people. A service you only get while you are far away from your home… But when we look at the benefits of massage on muscles, sleep and cardiovascular health, we can say that it should be a lifestyle.

It is difficult to set certain routines like weekly or monthly for every person. Frequency of massage therapies may differ according to person’s job and continuous activities. You may be doing desk work, professionally doing sports or just suffering from chronic pain. Frequency of massage treatments may vary depending on different lifestyles and situations.

Pregnancy: Twice A Week

pregnancy massage

During pregnancy it is very likely for you to gain weights. Gaining weight cause over pressure on your large joints, such as hips and knees. Massage can help to reduce this pressure and make mothers sleep better. All you should do is waiting until 3 months period and getting an appointment from an expert therapist.

You may want to continue to your therapies after birth because carrying your baby on your lap causes back aches sometimes.

Sleep Problems: Once A Week

Since massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system (the way the body goes into rest mode), it can be an excellent treatment method for people suffering from sleep problems. If you are having trouble sleeping, weekly massage therapies help you to get over with it.

If Working On Desk Over 40 Hours Per Week: Once A Week or Once A Month

working on desk

If the majority of your life is at the desk, a regular massage program can help you to relax and stretch your neck, legs and arms that you use all day. You may not understand the problems of body and posture that develop as a result of your lifestyle or way of working, without the touch of a specialist.

If Having Injurıes: Once A Week or Once In Two Weeks

If you got injured because of an activity like yoga or running, a massage therapist can help you about this. You can increase the time between your therapies when you start to get better.

If Have Chronic Pains: Once A Week or Once In Two Weeks

If you feel uncomfortable because of a health issue or feel pain, you can prepare a program with your therapist. Be honest against your therapist if you want a suitable program for your own.

Doing Heavy Exercises: Once A Week

massage for sportsmen

Techniques like stretching, deep tissue massage or sports massage might be needed for people who do heavy exercises regularly. These techniques may help your muscles to relax and prepare you for the next exercise. It is possible to focus on specific muscles with weekly therapies. For example you are working out your legs, your therapist can focus on this area and make you heal faster.

If Have A Stressful Life: Once A Week

Stress may affect your sleep, health and daily routines. To prevent stress and have a better life you can go massage programs weekly.